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What you need to know about ant pest control: There are several ant species found in the UK. The majority of which are harmless as they do not carry germs or spread disease. However, ants can be a nuisance as they are attracted to sugary foods. They also have the ability to gain access through the smallest of entrances.

Pharaoh’s ants are of greater significance as they carry harmful germs. They pick up these germs and diseases when feeding on decomposing food and faecal matter. They may then pose a risk of contamination to surfaces or food in your home.

The first thing to do when you have an ant infestation is to identify the species. Different types of ants require different forms of ant pest control methods.

Ants are now an all year round problem. They can reside both inside and outside your home. The priority is to exterminate the nest. If you don’t, you may experience recurrent ant infestations. Good hygiene (especially in your kitchen) and food storage also helps to reduce the attraction for the ants.

A professional exterminator can easily identify the type of ant and help you eradicate the problem. This will also reduce the chances are that the ants will come back. Recurring infestations are a common problem.

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