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Pigeon Pest Control in London

Pigeons are one of the most common pests in the UK and typically require an experienced team of individuals to successfully perform pigeon pest control in London. The team here at Safekill Pest Control has got you covered with our leading pigeon control solutions. Pigeons are classed as vermin and can pose a number of serious health risks to humans due to their ability to carry disease. The most common diseases carried by pigeons include salmonella, tuberculosis, and ornithosis, all of which can be very harmful to humans. As well as this, their nests are full of fleas, mites, and many other types of insect pests.

We appreciate how much of a nuisance pigeons can be which is why we make sure to offer effective pigeon pest control in London. It is important not to feed pigeons and ensure your rubbish is disposed of responsibly in order to not encourage these birds to return.

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Pigeon Removal in London

There are various different types of bird proofing and deterrence systems which have proven to be the most effective way to carry out pigeon removal in London. These include:

  • Bird Netting – Netting is a cost-effective method of protecting buildings without harming pigeons. One net can cover a series of perching areas and is viewed as the most comprehensive solution to prevent nesting or roosting.
  • Bird Spikes – Bird spikes are also great deterrent solutions for pigeon control in London. They are typically found on ledges where birds build nests or use for night roosting. Bird spikes are easy to install and provide instant protection from all types of bird.
  • Clearances – A build up of pigeon droppings can cause corrosion to buildings, unpleasant smells, unsightly appearances, and a risk to public health. At Safekill, we offer clean up services to eliminate this problem.

If you’re looking for pigeon pest control in London, please get in touch with the team at Safekill Pest Control today! We will arrange a treatment with one of our experts and your pigeon problem will be resolved before you know it.

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