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Seagull Nest Removal in London

The process of a seagull nest removal is a difficult one, as seagulls and their nests are protected by law, and in conjunction with this, seagulls can become very aggressive towards anyone who disturbs them. However, despite this you may still want to remove any seagulls on either your property or your business, as not only are they very aggressive, but they can also produce a lot of waste and noise, which could deter potential customers or ruin your personal life. Luckily, here at Safe Kill, we are experts in pest control involving seagulls, and have many years of experience in seagull removals. Our professionally trained pest controllers are skilled at seagull removal service and operate out of our unmarked vans for your privacy, as we appreciate that you may not want it visible to any passerby or neighbour that you’re undergoing pest control.

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Pest Control Seagulls in London

Removing seagulls can be difficult, as they tend to attack in a dive bombing style, which can hinder progress quite a lot. There is also a health & safety aspect to undergoing seagull nest removal, as seagulls produce waste products and can carry infectious diseases and parasites that can cause harm to humans, so putting some gull control in place is a good preventative measure in public areas or shops, especially restaurants. These can range from small measures such as putting up ‘please don’t feed the seagulls’ signs to a full on seagull removal service if there are already seagulls emplaced in the area. As part of our pest control for seagulls service that we offer, we also are able to consult with customers on how best to keep seagulls away from their property in a way that works for them and their location. Gulls are typically drawn to flat areas above ground level to nest in so they can protect themselves from predators. This can sometimes make seagull removal difficult at times, as they can nest themselves into tiny areas, along with being protected during nesting periods, however Safe Kill are both able and skilled at seagull nest removal in all sorts of spaces.

If you’re in need of discreet, expert pest control for seagulls then get in touch with us today, and a member of our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have!

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