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What you need to know about fly pest control: There are many species of fly fond in the UK. The most common include the blue bottle, fruit fly and mosquitoes.

There are several methods of eradicating infestations depending on the species. As well as fly pest control solutions, preventative methods can be very effective.

Flies are considered pests because they pose a health risk to humans, pets and livestock. They can carry and spread diseases such as E Coli and Salmonella. Some species can also bite humans and animals.

What may seem like a small fly problem can quickly evolve into a large infestation. The speed of this is due to the fact that some species can mature from eggs to fully developed in just seven days. So if you have a problem, call SafeKill for a fly pest control solution sooner rather than later.

Maggots are flies in their larval stage and are an indicator of fly breeding grounds. If you are having recurrent infestations, you may need to locate the breeding ground.

DIY solutions can be effective for ridding you of flies, but for a more long-term solution you should seek professional advice. A pest control technician has access to more effective insecticides and equipment.

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