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  • Fully Qualified All of our technicians are fully BPCA Qualified. We offer a 3 to 6 month guarantee on work carried out by us.
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House Fumigation in London

Has your home become infested with small pests and you’re unsure how to tackle the problem? Get in touch with Safekill for fast and effective house fumigation in London. Many of you may be wondering, what actually is home fumigation? Fumigation is a complex type of pest control which involves the use of a volatile fumigant to poison insect pests. The affected area, such as a whole building or room, will be sealed and covered using a non-permeable material and the fumigate will be pumped in. The dangerous nature of this form of pest control means that it must only be carried out by domestic fumigation professionals like the team here at Safekill. We pride ourselves on having technicians with all of the required skill, experience, and qualifications to perform safe, efficient, and legal home fumigation in London.

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Home Fumigation in London

Fumigants work by poisoning insects in a closed environment and are most effective in the form of an airborne powder. The type of fumigant we use for residential fumigation services depends entirely on the situation and size of the problem. For example, some are more effective in smaller spaces, while others are designed to treat larger infested areas. While we only use fumigants that have been deemed safe and in line with legislation, we recommend that you leave your property while domestic fumigation is being carried out.

Home fumigation in London is not suitable for larger pests like mice, rats, squirrels, or birds. However, it is extremely effective for targeting insects, particularly those that manage to get into stored food. These include moths, flies, fleas, spiders, beetles, mites, and many more. If you discover an infestation of any of these pests, get in touch with Safekill for fast house fumigation in London! We are always on hand to offer further information or advice regarding any pest problems you may be facing in your home.

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