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Bed Bug Exterminator in London

Discovering you have bed bugs can not only be a difficult process but distressing too. Bed bugs are parasites that feed on human blood so getting a professional bed bug exterminator in London is the top of everybody’s priority list. These bugs have been around for thousands of years and have developed their hiding skills to perfection, so it is always best to leave bed bug fumigation up to the experts. Bed bugs are most commonly found in bedrooms living in bed linen, headboards, mattresses, behind pictures, and other similar locations. The problem begins when bed bugs have been picked up from existing infestations elsewhere and brought into your home. The bugs attach themselves onto clothing, bags, luggage, used furniture, and fabrics, making it easy to unknowingly pick them up and require professional bed bug control services.

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Bed Bug Removal in London

Bed bugs are nocturnal and leave their hiding places to feed at night. Humans are most vulnerable during this time as this is typically when we are asleep, so it is important to contact Safekill for bed bug removal in London as soon as possible. How do we know if we have bed bugs? There are a number of tell-tale signs that indicate a bed bug infestation, including:

  • Bites – Bed bug bites are one of the first signs of an infestation, typically appearing on your arms, legs, and torso.
  • Excretion – Bed bugs leave faeces that look like small black dots on bedding, headboards, mattresses, and any other inhabited areas.
  • Shed Skins – As bed bugs grow into adults, they shed their skin which is often left in bedding.
  • Smell – Bed bugs give off a hormonal scent which resembles marzipan or almonds. This is picked up easily by dogs and even the human nose in extreme cases.
  • Blood Spots – Tiny spots of blood can appear if the bugs get crushed.

If you begin to see any of these indicators and feel that you need a bed bug exterminator in London immediately, get in touch with Safekill first. We will send over one of our expert bed bug exterminators in London to resolve the problem.

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