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Moth Control in London

There are thousands of species of moth found in the UK, most of which are completely harmless. A small selection of these however as seen as pests due to the damage caused by their larvae and require moth control in London. Unlike a large proportion of pests, moths do not carry disease and pose no real threat to the health of humans or animals.

When carrying out moth fumigation in London, the team at Safekill are used to dealing with both types of moths that are considered pests. These are:

  • Clothes / carpet moth: This type of moth causes damage to many different types of fabric like wool, cotton, and carpet. Contrary to popular belief, these moths don’t actually eat fabric, it’s their larvae that cause problems. Clothes moths typically cost the textile industry millions of pounds in lost revenue each year.
  • Food moth: Also known as ‘pantry’ moths, this type of moth feeds on stored food found in kitchens and food storage areas.

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Moth Fumigation in London

If you begin to notice small holes in your clothes, furniture, or food sources then this is typically a sign of a moth infestation. While small infestations can be dealt with using DIY methods, larger or recurring infestations often require professional moth control in London. Here at Safekill, we aim to tackle the problem right from the source in order to provide our customers with effective and complete moth fumigation services. We use various different methods for exterminating moths so if you would like further information, please contact the team at Safekill for more details. At Safekill Pest Control, we offer leading moth control in London. No matter the size of your moth infestation, our team of experts is experienced, skilled, and qualified to remove this pest from both residential and commercial properties.

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