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Wasp Removal in London

When customers come to us about wasp infestations in their residential or commercial property, often they appear in a state of panic. However, this is not necessary as wasps only tend to sting when they feel threatened, or their nest is being disturbed. If you simply leave it to us at Safekill to perform wasp removal in London, then your risk is minimal. Being stung by a wasp is typically viewed as not very serious however, it can actually be very painful and in some cases even life threatening if you’re allergic to the sting. This is why it is always best to leave it up to the professional wasp exterminators in London like the team here at Safekill and follow our precautions to ensure this does not become a recurring issue. To get rid of wasps, it is not necessary to remove the nest but to simply treat it.

Wasps typically build nests in well sheltered areas like lofts, garden sheds, wall cavities, and many other similar places. When removing wasps, we make sure to wear all of the necessary protective equipment to ensure our staff are kept safe at all times and we are able to carry out complete wasp control solutions.

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Wasp Exterminators in London

If there is a high volume of wasps inside or surrounding your home, it is likely you have a wasp nest nearby and it is time to call Safekill’s team of wasp exterminators in London. Wasp nests have a very distinct appearance and are relatively easy to identify:

  • Papery walls made from wood pulp and saliva
  • Size varies from the size of a golf ball to a football and even larger
  • Located in protected, enclosed areas

At Safekill Pest Control, we offer all types of professional wasp removal in London. We strongly advise that you do not attempt to remove wasps yourself without the use of the correct protective garments and successful techniques. So, what are you waiting for? If you are suspicious of wasp activity in your home or garden, please get in touch. With wasp nests, removal is easier when the problem is caught early so waste no time and give us a call today!

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