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What you need to know about mouse pest control: Having a mouse pest control problem in your home is both a frustrating inconvenience as well as a health risk. Mice excrete often and can easily contaminate surfaces and food stuffs used by humans. This can pass on diseases such as salmonella and leptospirosis.

Signs of a mouse infestation are easy to notice. Often you will hear mice running around and scratching in floor and wall cavities. You may also notice droppings around food sources such as cupboards, cabinets and bins. You may also notice piles of loose material where they have been gnawing at furniture, boxes, skirting, etc.

DIY products will help to catch individual mice, but you may need to seek professional help to completely rid you of the infestation and help to secure access points from future problems.

There are some general points you can follow to reduce the chances of a mouse infestation, such as keeping areas clean and tidy, making sure food waste is in a bin with a tight lid and keeping foods that can be accesses in cupboards in sealed containers.

A rodent treatment can take up to 3 weeks to be fully effective and the mouse pest control method can vary depending on your  individual circumstances.

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