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What you need to know about pigeon pest control: Pigeons are one of the most common pests in the UK and often require effective pigeon pest control methods. The feral Pigeon is classed as vermin and can pose a serious health risk to humans. They often carry many various diseases such as salmonella, tuberculosis and ornithosis.

They also harbour fleas, mites and other insect pests in their nests. Pigeon droppings are both unsightly and can also cause permanent damage to buildings. SafeKill can offer clearances and fouling removal of pigeon droppings.

Pigeons are also a source of allergens. These can cause  allergic skin reactions & respiratory ailments.  Humans can also contract illnesses through contact with pigeon droppings, parasites or feathers. Dead infected pigeons can also affect food or water sources.

It is important not to feed pigeons and to make sure rubbish and food is disposed of responsibly.

Bird proofing and bird deterrence systems have proven to be the most effective pigeon pest control procedures. Implementation insures that pigeons do not nest,roost or perch on properties.

There are many various pigeon pest control solutions available. The most appropriate solution will depend on your particular problem. Call SafeKill to discuss the various options available to you, wether it is bird netting, bird spiking or bird proofing.

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