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Squirrel Pest Control in London

While squirrels may appear cute and harmless, they are actually one of the more difficult pests to remove. Grey squirrels were first found in the UK in the late 19th century after coming over from the USA and have since been responsible for the demise of the native British red squirrel. When they nest, they become very territorial and often aggressive, so if you are faced with a squirrel infestation in your ceiling, attic, or loft space, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Safekill for effective squirrel pest control in London.

Grey squirrels are classed as vermin due to their ability to carry disease and cause damage to properties. This combined with their intrusive behaviour can result in a very serious pest problem for many homeowners and businesses, so it is always best to seek help from a professional squirrel removal company.

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Squirrel Control in London

There are a number of strict laws surrounding squirrel fumigation in the UK which is another reason why it is best to leave squirrel control to the experts. Here at Safekill, we are experienced in all aspects of squirrel pest control in London, from the initial removal to the proofing of the property to prevent recurrence. As soon as you notice the signs of a squirrel infestation, it is important to contact Safekill immediately for complete squirrel control in London. Many of you may be wondering how you’ll know if these pests have decided to nest in your home but there are a number of signs:

  • Droppings – If there are squirrels living in your loft space, you will notice droppings. These are usually bigger and more rounded than those of a rat.
  • Noise – Squirrels will often make lots of noise by running around looking for materials to use in building their nest. They also like to break through into other areas which can be very loud.
  • Damage – The sharp claws and teeth on squirrels means that they can chew through various materials and cause lots of damage.
  • Spotted – You may see a squirrel itself inside your loft, or more commonly you may notice a pile of shredded attic insulation that they are using for their nest.

If you require further information or are looking for a reliable squirrel control company, please get in touch with Safekill Pest Control today!

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