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Woodworm Control

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Woodworm Specialists in London

Have you started to notice small holes appearing in the timber around your commercial or residential property? If you have spotted small beetles scattered around the premises alongside then it is almost certain that you have a woodworm infestation. Contact Safekill immediately and one of our leading woodworm specialists in London will visit your property to confirm the problem. Time is essential when it comes to woodworm removal because infestations tend to go unseen for years on the inside before beetles emerge from the timber and create noticeable exit holes. These insects will drastically reduce the strength of wood found in your home or business which can result in a serious hazard.

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Woodworm Pest Control in London

Here at Safekill, we offer all types of woodworm pest control in London. Unlike the name suggests, woodworm is actually a general term used to describe several types of wood boring beetles. These include:

  • Common Furniture Beetle: The most common in the UK, this beetle is typically 3 to 4mm in length and can be found in areas of broken branches from trees.
  • Death Watch Beetle: This type of beetle is most commonly found in older buildings due to their preference of hardwoods that have been exposed to decay. They are dark red / brown in colour and approximately 5 to 7mm long.
  • Powder Post Beetle: This beetle typically infests wide-pored hardwoods because the pores are the perfect size for females to lay eggs. They tend to be around 4 to 7mm and a red / brown colour.
  • House Longhorn Beetle: This pest is not native to the UK but has managed to spread to the South East of England. The colour of this beetle is red / brown with grey / white markings and is approximately 7 to 25mm long.

Get in touch with our team of woodworm treatment specialists for fast, effective solutions. We offer several different methods to carry our woodworm pest control services and will depend entirely on the needs of each customer, the property type, and the severity of the infestation. Our team of woodworm specialists in London are more than happy to help so contact us today!

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